Terracotta Warriors Exhibition

By John Murrihy | Posted: Wednesday February 20, 2019

It was curious but excited groups of students that entered Te Papa and amazed and even more excited groups of students who left.

Te Rito and Koru Hubs last Tuesday and Harakeke Hub last Thursday took the unique opportunity to visit the famous Terracotta Warriors exhibition at Te Papa. 

At the entrance to greet them was many colourful replicas, then inside the real thing awaited them. It was fabulous to see the students enjoyment of the displays, with the large stone warriors and the gold and turquoise dagger being particular favourites.

There were lots of amazed conversations when students realised the Te Papa collection was just a very small part of approx 8000 warriors, many of which have not yet been excavated. They also liked the idea of them remaining a secret for so long!

Te Papa is a firm favourite with many students, so another highlight of the trip was time to go and explore other sections of Te Papa. Yes, many groups made a beeline to sit inside the whale's heart and then excavate dinosaur bones. 

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