Year 3 and 4 - camp photos

By Rachael van Rij | Posted: Wednesday December 12, 2018

Ruby and Felicity give us their rundown on their two day camp at Silverstream Retreat.

We had an awesome time at camp because it was basically us choosing what we did. Even though most of us got to sleep really late, it was so much fun still. The things I really enjoyed about camp was on the Friday we got to go around 4 rotations and they were all outside so it meant we got to spend time outside in nature. 

We got to make designs with Angela out of the leaves and the plants we found outside - the purpose was to make something cool. The other rotation I enjoyed was the drama plays with Derek because we got to do whatever we wanted for our play - it just had to be something that happened in our cabin.  I can't wait til next year's camp! 

By Ruby Conway 

I thought camp was amazing because we got to play outside and have free time and have really yummy food. The wraps on Friday were SO good!  One thing I liked about camp was that there were bunks and single beds and we could choose our own cabin people and which bed we wanted to sleep on. 

Another rotation we did was a parachute with Hazel. So we got to do games like putting bean bags on the parachute and trying to make them bounce off. Boys vs Girls games were fun!  We also did a trust fall game with Georgia which was exciting because we didn't know whether others were going to catch us! 

We also got to make up a cool story about a run down old house at Silverstream and everyone got to add to the story. The girls were all soft and said nice things like unicorn things and kung-fu panda, but the boys said things about zombies and ghosts! 

Camp was really fun but now we get to go on the longer year 5 and 6 camp next year, so we can't wait! 

By Felicity Gould

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