Asia Aware @ Amesbury

By Angela Johnston | Posted: Thursday May 21, 2015

A successful Term 2 Community Evening took place on Wednesday. It was great to catch up with many of our families and having a number of volunteers helping us out on the night.

Dumplings, spring rolls, wontons, prawn crackers and delectable dipping sauce was abundant on Wednesday night.  Vivian and Kyle Yu from Corianda Restaurant in Queensgate provided these delicacies and they were savored by all. 

Our very own Cheng Xue and 5 other talented Mandarin Language Assistants regaled us with a Guzheng musical performance, a captivating dance and soothing tai chi.  Thanks to the Confucius Institute who provided equipment and decorations. 

Jeff Johnstone from Asia NZ Foundation was our guest speaker.  His focus was on how we can equip our students to thrive in the Asian century and what this means for their future.  The video he shared can be viewed from this link. 

Asia NZ Foundation Video

While the parents were engaged in Jeff's presentation, the children joined in some Asian activities with the MLAs and our teachers.  From Chinese cartoons, to calligraphy, paper art and musical instruments.

The pace and scale of change in Asia is staggering. Asia is being transformed and NZ along with it.  As a school we are committed to Asia Awareness and equipping our children for their future in the Asian century.  

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