Term 3 Teacher Update

By admin Amesbury School | Posted: Wednesday August 5, 2015

This term we introduce and welcome back some of our fantastic staff at Amesbury... 

In Harakeke Hub (year 3-6) we now have Andrea back full-time, working with, Lisa, Anna, and Claire.

Angela, Amaria and Mike, joined by Tara in Term 1, continue to work with our new entrants and juniors (year 1-2).  Navy also works with them, returning to Amesbury earlier this year, to provide specialist student support in the ever-growing Koru hub. 

Rachel has recently joined the Amesbury team to work on various admin projects, and is also providing some learning support in the Koru hub.

Bex works in both hubs 3 days a week, including Wednesday's rotation sessions, alongside Merrick, Xue and Sarah (new this term).