Congratulations Nethmi!

By Urs Cunningham | Posted: Monday December 3, 2018

Congratulations to Nethmi for winning the Wellington North Primary Schools' Citizenship award for Amesbury School.

The award is run by the Wellington City Council and recognises one Year 6 student in each of our local North Wellington schools who has shown “true leadership, citizenship, and contribution to school life” in each of the local primary schools.

At Amesbury School the teachers base this decision on four main areas: contribution to school life; connecting with others; insiderness as a learner; and supporting, leading and following others. Nethmi scored very highly across all four areas, and was unanimously nominated as our Year 6 citizenship award recipient for 2018.

Nethmi contributes positively to school life. This year she has been part of the Amesbury TV crew and an Amesbury Ambassador. Nethmi also completes her katiakitanga roles on time and to the best of her ability. As a learner, Nethmi shows high levels of insiderness. She clearly articulates what supports her with learning and she uses this knowledge to make decisions that positively impact her learning. Nethmi also connects well with other students. She is an excellent peer mediator, supporting students to solve their problems. Finally, Nethmi shows leadership . When she is working in a group, she can take charge if necessary and lead others through a task. Other times, she supports students to take the lead and encourages them to grow their leadership.

Well done Nethmi, we hope you are very proud of your achievements!

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