Outstanding parenting book available

By Lesley Murrihy | Posted: Thursday May 21, 2015

The Conscious Parent is available to be borrowed from the Book Swap at Amesbury School.

This wonderful parenting book, published last year, will be available in the Amesbury School Book Swap. However, initially, if you email your interest in reading it ([email protected]), I will pass it on directly to you before it gets swallowed up in the book swap cupboard. 

The Conscious Parent, written by a clinical psychologist, suggests that "Despite our best intentions to raise them well, as parents we often pass our emotional legacies on to our children. This can have deep and lasting repercussions. As we hand down our unresolved needs, unmet expectations and frustrated dreams, so our children become trapped in unconscious patterns and enslaved to the emotional inheritance we received from our parents.

Dr Tsabary challenges traditional parenting strategies that focus on controlling children and asks us to fully engage with them as individuals to foster authentic connection. She argues that in order to truly connect with your children, you have to first connect with yourself and become truly conscious."