Northern Zone Athletics

By Demelza Topp | Posted: Monday November 5, 2018

Yesterday (Monday 5 November), we took a team of 25 students to Northern Zone Athletics and it was an amazing day. We really couldn't have asked for better weather or better attitudes.

Each student showed a high level of enthusiasm, commitment and camaraderie. They listened carefully and followed all instructions. They knew when their events were coming up and took responsibility to get to these events on time. They tried their absolute best and made us all proud as we watched them compete. They cheered each other on and congratulated each other on their performances. It was a wonderful day with great performances and team spirit.

Unfortunately, the results that have been sent only include the students who finished in the top, so we do not have results for all our students. 

Year 4 girls - Nakshatra 2nd= in long jump, 4th in the short sprint

Year 4 boys - Nishanth 1st in short sprint and long sprint, 4th in long jump

Year 5 girls - Matilda 4th in long jump

Year 6 boys - Tom 3rd in high jump, Echelon 1st in 800m

The top 3 go on to Interzone and the 4th placegetter is a reserve. So congratulations to Nakshatra, Nishanth, Tom and Echelon for making it through to Interzones and to Matilda for being a reserve in long jump. All the best for the next level.

Finally, the day would not have been successful if we didn't have the support of parents. Thank you Chandu, Mary Jane, Rob, Anthony, Kuniko and Angela for your willingness to do anything you could to help out on the day, especially helping out at long jump. We are very grateful for your support.