Netball - 2018 Summary

By Rachael van Rij | Posted: Wednesday October 3, 2018

Neala, Olivia, Caitlin and Lexi report on netball for 2018.

In Term 2 and Term 3 we have been playing some netball representing Amesbury school. We played in the future ferns games and in Northern Suburbs Netball. There were 4 teams representing Amesbury School: Amesbury Ferns, Amesbury Pulse, Amesbury Rockets and Amesbury All Stars. There were two Year 5/6 teams and two Year 3/4 teams. 

We have finished our season. Netball this season has been fun! We think one of the things that makes us good teams is that we communicate well with each other and we have fun training!

We had some very helpful team organisers also known as our coach and our team manager. The managers and the coaches make training really enjoyable. Having trainings helps us learn and we have fun well doing it. Together they helped us have an amazing season that will never be forgotten. At the end of practice we have a game and we put all the skills that we have just learned from the drill into the game.

The Year 5 and 6 grades are competitive grades. The Amesbury Ferns only won two games. We didn’t realise that the competition was going to increase in competition up so much in the Year 6 grades. Most of time when we lost we were only like 1 - 4 goals behind. Although the two games that we did win were the last two games so that really gave us all the positive boost for the end of the season. The Amesbury Pulse is the social netball team of Amesbury School. Again, there were only a couple of wins, but we remained positive throughout the season and kept on trying!

We want to thank our parent helpers for all their support this year: Stephanie Hunter, Kelly Bourne, Miranda Hardy, Bobby Cao, Ashida Rakowski, Ian Richardson and Melanie Hungerford

We look forward to another season next year.

By Neala Hunter, Olivia Bourne, Kaitlin Hardy and Alexis Dray.

Amesbury Netball Prize Giving

On Friday 28th September we had netball prize giving to celebrate the completed netball season.

Prize winners:

Amesbury Ferns

Most Valuable Player: Lopa Mistry

Most Improved Player: Kaitlin Hardy

Team Player: Neala Hunter

Amesbury Pulse:

Most Valuable Player: Anika Cao

Most Improved Player: Layla Rakowski

Team Player: Holly Gould

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