Miniball - 2018 Summary

By Rachael van Rij | Posted: Wednesday October 3, 2018

As written by our students!


  • Amesbury Knicks
  • Amesbury Lakers
  • Amesbury All Stars
  • Amesbury Ballers

Mini Ball is another way of playing Basketball but with bands. The purpose of those bands are the people you need to mark. Basically if you have a pink band, you need to mark the pink band. You cannot mark a different coloured band than you.

This season went very well as we won most of our matches. All of the different Mini Ball teams did their matches in a hall named Nairnville Park.

The teams that Amesbury were against are Cashmere, Paparangi, Ngaio, All Stars, Ballers, Lakers, Knicks, Crofton Downs, St. Benedicts and St. Bridgids, Wadestown and Khandallah.

The season that the Knicks played was a very good season. The Knicks won most of their matches this season, which is a very good news as this was the first time Amesbury was playing Mini Ball. Amesbury Lakers had a very good season versing the other teams. They also won quite a lot them and the first three matches were a hat trick, which means that we won three times in a row! The season that Amesbury All Stars played wasn’t that bad too! Our first term on Mini Ball was shocking because we were versing Amesbury Ballers and we crushed them and we were always whining… But as usual we lost some matches (it’s not bad). The Amesbury Ballers season was a tricky one as we only won once! But we will practice and will do way better next time.

Miniball is a good game for people who want to play Basketball but its only for primary school students. It also gives a good training for basketball if you have a future plan of playing basketball.

By Garv (Knicks), Yash (Lakers), Jericho (All Stars) and Dom (Ballers). 

Thanks for your report guys! 

We also want to acknowledge the support of teacher Georgia for making things possible at the Amesbury end, and to parents Leonie Vines, Matt Tristram, JR (Jericho’s dad) and Phil Knowles. It wouldn't be possible without your support!