Great turn out at community evening

By Lesley Murrihy | Posted: Monday March 16, 2015

Being a bit cold and overcast, it wasn't much of an evening for sport. However, in spite of the weather, we had a fantastic turnout for our first community evening of the year.

Gail and her helpers gave away over 260 sausages including gluten free and vegetarian varieties.

After refreshments and mixing and mingling, our wonderful teachers looked after the children in Koru Hub while parents took part in a variety of activities, including learning more about ALF (Amesbury Learning Framework) with Urs, looking at the different ways we communicate with our community with Angela and doing "techie stuff" with Matt. Angela Natali also spoke with parents about the Walking Buses that have started at Amesbury School.

We had a "self-serve consultation hub", but few people availed themselves of the opportunity to feedback to us. Thanks to those who did. There may well have been too much other "stuff" going on for people to get to the meeting room where this was set up. We will shortly send out a link to a google form so that people can provide us with feedback.

One theme that arose several times in the "communication stuff" sessions with Angela related to homework. No doubt this was top of mind because of the recent BLOG Post put out by Angela and Urs regarding homework guidelines. There were a couple of questions that came up several times. One related to how parents could know with clarity just what their children's homework is - their children always say they have done their follow up tasks during school time. The other question asked related to parents wanting to help their children by assisting them to do meaningful work at home- and being sure to teach them in the right way. These are both issues that we will put our minds to and get back to you about.

Judging by the amount of happy chatter, it seemed that people really appreciated the opportunity to get together and chat.

Thanks so much for coming out last Wednesday and we look forward to seeing you at next term's community evening and all the other events coming up.

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