The Mind Lab

By Angela Johnston | Posted: Monday May 4, 2015

Ten lucky Amesbury students experienced a robotics programme at The Mind Lab in Petone on Thursday.

The children played with augmented reality and proceeded to programm remote control cars and race them around a penguin and cup course.  They continued on to programme infra-red sensors and race the cars around a race track.  Artem and Emile were the first primary school visitors at The Mind Lab who successfully programmed the infra-red sensors on their first attempt.

Our technology specialist Malcolm (or better known as 'Çool Dog') proved to us that technology is not smart, rather the people who programme them are smart. 

"The Mind Lab offers learning experiences that support the development of the next generation of makers, doers, inventors and creators who will shape the future with new ways of working, thinking and living. From electronics, robotics and animation to programming, film technology and science, The Mind Lab recognises that the world we live in is increasingly influenced by new knowledge and technical advances. The careers our children will enter in the future are very different from the careers we know today."

Equipped with the latest high-tech tools (including 3D printing and robotics equipment) and a team of talented science and technology specialists, The Mind Lab offers a large creative environment where discovery, experimentation and learning by doing is actively encouraged. Students will develop technical skills and key competencies as they learn through collaborative and creative challenges that encompass Science, Technology, Mathematics and Arts. (Mind Lab, Petone)

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