Student Conferences Term 3 2018

By Urs Cunningham | Posted: Saturday September 15, 2018

Amesbury School will be holding our second round of student conferences in the final week of Term 3.

At Amesbury School we report on student learning and progress every term. In Terms 1 and 3 each year we hold student conferences, where students discuss their learning with their parents and one of their teachers, and set learning goals. In Terms 2 and 4 we send home a learning report through our ALF software, reporting on recent assessments, learning progress and learning behaviours.

Please find booking information below, including the teacher each student needs to book a conference time with.

  • When the conferences are running - all teachers will be running conferences in the evening (3:30pm onwards) of Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th September. Several teachers also have some afternoon conferences available on these days. 
  • School interview website - we use the 'School Interviews' website to allow parents to book conferences online. Please follow this link to the website, or go to the site at this address:

  • The school code for this round of conferences is j38g3. Enter this code on the home page of website and it will take you to the booking process for this round of conferences.
  • Who to book with - we are asking parents in all hubs to book a conference time with a specific hub teacher. Please click on this link: Student Conference Groups, which shows the teacher each child should book with. All teachers will be able to discuss your child's learning in all areas of the curriculum, even if they don't necessarily teach them for all learning areas. In the case of Year 3-6 students your child will be doing a lot of the talking about their own learning. The teacher will be there to guide where necessary and answer any questions whānau or students may have.
  • Who attends the conferences - for Year 3-6 students we ask that students attend the conferences as well as parents. They will be encouraged to participate in the conference as much as possible, where appropriate. For Year 1-2 students we encourage students to attend the conferences where possible, so that they can be part of the process. However, we do appreciate that the time of the conference may be a little late for some students.
  • Multiple bookings/timing - if you are booking conferences with more than one teacher we do not recommend you make back-to-back bookings. The conferences tend to be tight on time, as there is a lot to get through in 20 minutes! The schedule needs to be very closely adhered to in order to ensure that all students get their requisite period of time with their teacher. If you are late or coming from another conference this will reduce the amount of time you have for the conference; teachers will still need to end each conference at the scheduled time, as other people will be disadvantaged if we go over time.
  • When the conference bookings are closed -  Conference bookings will be closed at 8am on the morning of the first day of conferences - Wednesday 26th September. This allows teachers to be prepared for the conferences they have scheduled. Last minute surprise bookings can mean teachers are not able to be fully prepared for a conference, so conference bookings are closed once the conferences begin. 

If you have any further questions regarding student conferences please don't hesitate to contact your child's whanau teacher.

Ngā mihi,

The Amesbury team