Have your children shared their elective topic with you?

By Rachael van Rij | Posted: Wednesday August 22, 2018

Our students have the opportunity to choose an "elective" topic to study for 1.5 hours on Mondays, for five weeks of every term. We thought you might like to learn more about this and see some photographs.

As you'll see below there are a great range of topics for students to be able to learn about this term.

Puppets with Gemma & Katie

  • The photos below show the students experimenting with puppets, and over the next 5 weeks they are going to make their own and then put on a performance.

Origami with Amaria & Sonali

  • Below you will see Sebastian leading the group and teaching them how to make origami swans. The intention of the group is to create an artpiece by the end of the elective period. Watch this space!

Videography with Kieron

  • This elective group has been watching Scooby Doo with the intention of creating their own detective film over the next 5 weeks. We look forward to seeing what they come up with.

Stomp/percussion with Georgia

  • The stomp elective is focusing on how to use percussion and (anything eg buckets, chairs etc) as instruments and how we can made different sounds in different ways.

Sound art with Derek

  • This group are working on making sound effects for a movie sequence with a "space theme". This follows along with the WallE inquiry topic for this term. They will be collaborating with the stomp group.

Photography with Alexis

  • This group are learning all about the rule of thirds, composing their photographs, and using positive and negatives. They will be moving through different challenges each week.

Light/Shadow Art with Kalesha

  • This elective group are learning to make art using light and shadows. They are using shadows on a base, stain glass windows, dances, and shadow puppets.

Robotics performance & Coding Dance with Lisa

  • Using the elements of dance, this group will be performing a routine with a piece of technology. They have a choice of robotic mediums to performance their dance through. Sounds intriguing!

Culinary Art with Andrea, Jess & Demelza

  • This group have a focus on making "rubbish free" food for lunchboxes (and incorporating some artistic flair!). See the attached photos to see their creations.

Clowning with Hazel

  • This group of students are learning skills associated with clowning: balloon art, juggling, falling, slapstick and performance technology "making it big, making it slow". 

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