Scholastic Book Club - Online ordering

By Amesbury Office | Posted: Monday June 1, 2015

Issue 4 of Scholastic's Book Club is now available for online ordering.

Scholastic Book Club will no longer be sending us their termly book club brochures to send home.  You can now download the Scholastic "LOOP" app so you can order and pay for books online.

About Scholastic Book Club:

  • 20% of sales go towards school library books and/or resources
  • is an NZ publishing company 
  • draws on over 50 publishers world wide as well as providing quality NZ Children’s books
  • offers all the hottest new books, and at great prices
  • discounted books start at $2

Link to:  Online Brochure

Generally speaking, Book Club brochures are released twice per term (usually in week 1 and around week 5/6).

Orders for each brochure will be closed off after 2 weeks.  At that point the orders are collated into classes (hubs) and sent out with child name labels printed for easy identification of who gets what.  You can also choose to have orders sent to the office if the order is a gift and you do not want your child to see it.

If parents miss the order close date (two weeks after each offer opens), then you have the option to still order online for a few more weeks, but the order will incur a freight charge and be sent direct to your home address.

We will still be running the Scholastic Book Fairs in school (the next one is scheduled in November 2015).