Have your kids enjoyed using our bike track, skills track, pump track and repair stand?

By Rachael van Rij | Posted: Friday August 17, 2018

Our bike track, skills track, pump track and repair stand are in regular use during lunchtimes. Have you been down on the weekends to play? If not, you must!

We are delighted to have such an excellent outdoor activity available for our students and their families. If you haven't yet been down to enjoy it, make a plan to visit on a sunny weekend! 

We encourage students to bring their bikes and helmets to school, and for those that don't have these, or on days they are unable to have theirs at school, we have a small fleet of bikes and helmets in a range of sizes that can be used at lunchtime. (Students must wear their sunhat/beanie with the loan school safety helmets). 

If it's not raining, you'll find a raft of students out enjoying themselves during their lunchtime. 

The tracks have been designed as a one-way system so are to be ridden in an anti-clockwise direction to ensure good traffic flow, safety of users and logical approach to the see-saw in the skills track.

We are pleased to now have our sponsor recognition signage up alongside our tracks and encourage you to check out the names of our generous supporters.  Without them, the bike track, skills track, pump track and bike repair stand would not have been possible! These facilities are a wonderful addition to our neighbourhood play areas and we are very grateful. 

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