It's Book Week!

By Rachael van Rij | Posted: Tuesday August 14, 2018

Our Mini Book Week is underway...

Lots of glow in the dark jellyfish were made yesterday to celebrate I am Jellyfish winning the best picture book at the Children's Book Award's last week.

We sent some photos of our jellyfish to the author Ruth Paul and she wrote back and said: "Wow, they are amazing and there are so many of them! They have become a BLOOM or a SMACK (such great collective nouns). I am honoured that Jellyfish should have so many new friends".  Great job kids!

The following Amesbury TV video was made about the 5 finalists of the picture book awards and announcing the winner: I am Jellyfish.

Dress up day is on Thursday - dress up as your favourite book or movie character! A chance to let your imagination go wild!

And have you heard that ebooks are here: Amesbury's own entertainment centre open 24/7! Instructions on how to access them coming soon.

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