School Notices: 13-20 June

By Rachael van Rij | Posted: Wednesday June 13, 2018

Everything you need to know around and about school for the next week.

* Confirmation about whether Matariki breakfast will go ahead will be emailed out around 5pm on Thursday * 

Co-curricular lessons - remaining places - be in quick!

We have the following lessons available to be claimed for Term 3. Please email Rachael on: [email protected] if you wish to claim one of these spots for your child: 

  • 2 places for beginner violin
  • 1 place for individual violin
  • 1 place for beginner guitar
  • 1 place for individual guitar
  • 2 places for intermediate guitar level
  • 1 place for individual drums
  • 1 place for group drums
  • 3 places for group keyboard 

Mufti Day - A message from Koru Hub!

Dear Parents, we are running a Mufti Day NEXT Friday, 22 June. It is a gold coin donation and is for ALL Amesbury students. Proceeds go to the Children's Hospital.

Another message from Koru Hub! 

We are spending the next three weeks making and creating! Can you please send to school the following "cleaned" items so that we have plenty of things to create with: fizzy bottles, milk bottles, small boxes ie mini cereal boxes, muesli bar boxes, tubes (but not toilet rolls), egg cartons, tin cans (smooth edged only) polystyrene or packaging etc. Basically anything you might normally put out with your recycling. Thanks! 

Spare clothing

With this wet weather, we are having a number of children come to us wet and muddy wanting clean clothes after play times. For all students, PLEASE pack spare clothing in the bottom of your child's bag in a plastic bag (particularly leggings and trousers/shorts) so they have something familiar that they can get changed in to. 

Netball - Year 1 and 2

Please see the attached document for information regarding a netball programme for year 1 and 2 aged students this winter. If you wish to register for this programme, please use the website listed in the attachment - registrations are not taken by the School, however payment of the $40 fee is made direct to school.

Swimming - Term 3 for Te Rito and Koru students

Please check details of swimming lessons for our Te Rito and Koru students for next term in this article here. Invoices have been added to your account. 

For the diary: Senior (Y4-6) swimming sports will be held on Thursday, 5th July, 11am-2pm at Tawa Pool.

Wet weather carpark safety

With the weather deteriorating over the last week, we are witnessing some unsafe behaviour in Romaine Road, as parents endeavour to collect children as close to school as possible.

We must remind you of the importance of safe behaviour with cars and children. In this weather, visibility from cars can be limited and with children/adults running to and from vehicles, there is a real chance of someone being hurt. Please take care, be patient and drive slowly.

Also, please be considerate of the residents in nearby houses. Please don't park over driveways or double park in front of other vehicles, even if your child is in sight. Please don't squeeze cars onto the grass verge, or reverse at speed out of any of the driveways (obviously with limited visibility).

Amesbury TV crew have filmed a great episode featuring Ramadan! Please check it out here.

A reminder to Year 6 parents that the Newlands Open Morning is happening this Thursday. You will have received an email with full information. 

Entertainment books - it's not too late to purchase your copy (digital or hard copy) of the 2018/2019 Entertainment book. $13 from the sale of every book goes straight to Amesbury so it's a great fundraiser for us! You'll receive hundreds of valuable offers for everything you love to do, and help our fundraising at the same time. Hurry, Entertainment Memberships sell out quickly.

Indoor footwear over winter

Just a reminder that our policy is that children are allowed to wear slippers or indoor shoes inside, but they must be soft soled (not running shoes, for example). Indoor shoes should be the sort that are not worn outdoors. 

Kelly Sports Term 3 & Holiday programme: see further information here