Bags for sale

By Chris Waugh | Posted: Wednesday December 6, 2017

Help look after our environment! Sustainable bags made by Te Rito children. Only $5 for a bag with personally designed art.

We’ve been learning that habitats are precious and fragile and we need to look after them. We have been studying the marine habitat and thought of some ways to help protect it; we shouldn’t put plastic in the ocean, don’t put rubbish in the water, we should make sure nothing poisonous goes into the sea and ensure that no oil gets into our marine habitats.

We have produced a video which you can see here.

Plastic bags are bad for the marine creatures. We should use sustainable bags.

To help spread this message, we have made bags which you can buy for only $5. The bags are available from Te Rito teachers and children before or after school or at the learning celebration on Tuesday 12 December. All profits go to the Island Bay Marine Centre. Be in quick, limited stock!

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