Digital technologies curriculum content consultation process

By Beckie Duffy | Posted: Sunday November 19, 2017

Last week, the Ministry of Education closed off the digital technologies curriculum consultation process, with the release of three key reports...and Amesbury played a part!

The three reports outline the rationale for the new curriculum content, how it was developed, summarises the feedback received from the schooling sector and other key stakeholders, and outlines the advice received from an independent Curriculum Advisory Group. 

I. Martin Jenkins Consultation Report: this summarises and collates feedback received from the public consultation;

II. Curriculum Advisory Group (CAG) Report : the CAG was an independent panel of experts commissioned to advise the Ministry on the draft curriculum content and provide recommendations on feedback received during consultation (as collated in the Martin Jenkins Consultation Process Report). We are proud to say that Lesley was part of this group and her expertise as a digital educator was valuable. 

III. Synthesis Report this outlines; 

  • the process the Ministry followed in developing the new curriculum content;
  • the changes noted, and responded to, on the curriculum content after considering submissions received; and 
  • the next steps for the sector as the new curriculum content is introduced.

The new curriculum content will be available for all state, state-integrated schools and kura to use in their teaching and learning programmes from the beginning of the 2018 school year. All schools and kura will be required to implement the new curriculum content from 2020.