Surf Life Saving groups and final details

By Urs Cunningham | Posted: Tuesday November 14, 2017

Our Surf Life Saving programmes start in a couple of weeks. The groups have been finalised, based on all permission forms sent through. 

Our Surf Life Saving programme will be run in four groups:

Te Rito = Wednesday 29th November

Koru Y1 and 2 = Thursday 30th Nov and Friday 1st Dec

All Yr 3 and 4 = Mon 4th and Tues 5th Dec

All Y5 and 6 = Friday  8th Dec


The programme will run for one whole day for each group of students. It consists of three parts: theory (completed in the club house), beach activities and water activities. Students will be leaving school shortly after 9am, and will arrive back school by 3pm. 

There will be a ratio of one adult for every 5 students in the group. 

The programme will cost $20 per student, which included the cost of bus travel to and from Titahi Bay Beach. 

What to bring

All students will need to bring: sunhat, drink bottle, large lunch, jersey or hoodie, shoes/sandals, towel (named, please), togs or shorts. School uniform is NOT required, so students can wear their own clothes to the beach. It can get cold on the beach, especially once children have been in the water, so we recommend students bring a warm top and leggings or pants in their bag. 

Each team will take school sunscreen to the beach. However, it may also be useful for your child to have their own sunscreen in their bag. 


Please click on this link to see the list of groups. This will let you know which day your child will be heading to the beach. 

If you have any further questions about the Surf Life Saving programme, please contact your child's whanau teacher. 

Warm regards, 

The Amesbury team