By Chris Waugh | Posted: Tuesday October 31, 2017

In the first two weeks of this term we have run our Senior (Years 3 - 6) and Junior (Years 0 - 2) Athletics. Full lists of results are attached to this article.

Senior athletics was on 17 October at Newtown Park. The top-performing senior students have been selected to go through to the Northern Zones competition, to be held on 6 November. Some particular highlights from senior athletics are:

  • Duncan's impressive vortex throwing. 
  • Callum's amazing throwing in both vortex and quoits. 
  • Freeman and Echelon getting close to 4.00m in the long jump. 
  • Arthur's determined sprinting. 
  • Gracie winning all of her events. Jared's fabulous run in the 800m.
  • And the determination, persistence and enthusiasm shown by all the competitors on the day. Their attitudes were absolutely fantastic. 

Junior athletics was on 25 October here at school. Sofia showed a lot of persistence, clearly enjoyed winning, and came first in all her events. Other highlights from junior athletics include:

  • The sportsmanship shown, with all the students cheering on each other.
  • All the children having a go and doing their best.
  • The awesome support from all the parents who came to watch and cheer on the children.

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