Board of Trustees Update

By Beckie Duffy | Posted: Wednesday September 27, 2017

The Board of Trustees has conducted an online meeting over the past few days. Here is an update on what was covered.

Sabbaticals:  The Board were advised that both Angela and Urs will be taking sabbaticals in 2018. Angela's will be in Term 1, and Urs' in Term 2. The Board noted that these sabbaticals were well deserved by both our hard-working Associate Principals!

Digital Curriculum Advisory: Lesley is attending the Digital Curriculum Advisory in Auckland this week as a "School Leader". representative. The group will be reporting back to the Ministry with recommendations on the Draft Digital Curriculum.

Recruitment: The Board was advised that there have been three new appointments for teaching staff in 2018, with one more pending. 

Recapitation: The Board reviewed documentation received from the Ministry which clearly laid out their response to our application for recapitation. They are recommending we don't continue with our application. The Board will make a decision at the next Board meeting whether to continue with the application or not. The documentation from the Ministry makes it clear that they have not shifted from their previous position of being against recapitation. 

Finances:  The Board approved several capital expenditure items, including a boiling/cooling water unit, and a replacement WiFi Network.  The current one has not be coping with the increased traffic of the past few months,

The Board's next meeting is on Wednesday 25 October.

You can find out more about our Board of Trustees on our website, or contact them at [email protected].