Surf Life Saving Program

By Urs Cunningham | Posted: Sunday September 10, 2017

In Term 4 all teams across the school will be taking part in a Surf Life Saving program. This will be very timely with the long summer break coming up.

The program will be run by Surf Life Saving New Zealand, and will be run at Titahi Bay Beach. All teams will take part in an age-appropriate day-long program involving activities around water and beach-based safety. 


Te Rito students: Wednesday 29th November

Koru Yr 1+2 students: Thursday 30th November and Friday 1st Dec (students will be split into two groups, with each group spending one day at the beach)

All Yr 3+4 students: Mon 4th and Tues 5th Dec (students will be split into two groups, with each group spending one day at the beach)

All Yr 5+6 students: Friday 8th Dec


The program will cost $20 per student, which includes the cost of buses to and from the beach.   This charge will be added to student accounts and will be visible in the online shop from Friday 15 September. Payment must be made by Friday 29 September.

Given the water-based nature of the program we will be requiring parental consent for all students to participate in the program, and we will also require a lot of adult support on the day to ensure we have the required ratio of one adult for every 5 students. Adults coming along to help will need to be prepared to be in the water for at least some part of the day. 

The day will be broken into three sections; theory (completed in the club house), beach activities and water activities.

This program forms part of our PE and Health program. It is also a very valuable opportunity for our students given the summer holiday coming up - a good understanding of water and beach safety is hugely important. Therefore we strongly recommend all students participate in this program and we thank you all in advance for supporting us in ensuring this program goes ahead. 

If students cannot participate in this program for any reason they will be able to stay at school under the supervision of other teachers. 

Consent Forms

Please complete one consent form per student. The forms are in hub groups, to allow hub leaders to track the students in their teams. To allow us with planning and preparation, please complete the consent form by the end of this term (Friday 29th September). 

Te Rito Consent Form

Koru Year 1 -3 Consent Form

Harakeke Year 3 - 6 Consent Form

If you have any further questions about the Surf Life Saving program, please contact your child's whanau teacher. 

Warm regards, 

The Amesbury team