School Board of Trustees Meeting

By Chris Waugh | Posted: Wednesday August 23, 2017

Agenda for Monday 28th August at 5.30pm in the school board/meeting room....

The following is the standing agenda.

Please email Rachel at [email protected] if you would like a copy of the full agenda for this particular meeting or would like to attend/observe some or all of the meeting.

Specifically this meeting:

*Half-year student achievement data report

*Half-year presentations - progress towards charter goals

*Half- year financial review

*Introduction of a couple of new policies:

- Carpark Safety Operational Policy

- Security Cameras Operational Policy

*Review of existing policies

*Introduction to the Digital Technology Curriculum


1. Attendance

2. Minutes of previous meeting held on date

3. Education/Curriculum/Student Achievement focus

4. Property

5. Self-review

6. Health and Safety

7. Legislation

8. Policies for review

9. Personnel

10. Charter Development

11. ICT

12. Finance

13. Business Department

14. Community Engagement

15. Next meeting: Wednesday, 27 September @ 5.30pm