Harakeke Barcamp

By Chris Waugh | Posted: Thursday August 10, 2017

Week 3 was a busy week for the school. The whole school went on Noho Marae in two shifts, and the students of Harakeke Hub did Barcamp.

Demelza explained that barcamp was a chance for the students to teach their passion to other students. This teaches them how to communiatce effectively to others, and also allows them to show their passions and areas of expertise. A wide range of passions were on display. Some of the students taught football, basketball, skateboarding, and other sports skills. Others taught drawing, painting, singing, dancing or other arts. Other students took a culinary approach, teaching cupcake decorating or baking.

The Harakeke students spent some time on Monday and Tuesday preparing and practicing their presentations, then on Wednesday and Friday they taught their passions to the students from Koru. The students had a great time sharing their passions and learning new skills.

Please watch our slideshow for more. And don't forget to watch our bonus video - Harry and Callum Make Cupcakes.

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