Board of Trustees Update

By Beckie Duffy | Posted: Wednesday August 2, 2017

The Amesbury Board of Trustees met last Wednesday for their regular meeting. Here's an overview of what was covered:

Digital Technology Curriculum: The Board discussed the Digital Technology Curriculum, which launched in July, and needs to be fully implemented by 2020. Amesbury is in a very good position, having already implemented parts, and it should be fully implemented by the end of 2018.

Board of Trustees Chairs Meeting: Deputy Chair, John Bunting, reported back on the Board Chairs Meeting, which focused on Communities of Learning. 

Grounds Maintenance: The Board heard that Green Acres has been appointed as the new school grounds maintenance company.

Policies Approved:  The Community Partnership Policy and the Alcohol on School Grounds Policy were both approved.

School Uniform: The Board considered the addition of two new colours to the school uniform polo shirt range. These were approved and will be available once stocks of current colours have run out.

New build: The Board has been informed that a bid for funds for the school's new build is being put together by the Ministry.

Leadership Development: Principal, Lesley Murrihy, reported back on the success of an ongoing Northern Schools' Cluster leadership development programme which has been held at Amesbury School and partially funded by the school's Teacher-Led Innovation Fund Project.

Finances: At half way through the year, both expenditure and income are down on budget. An ongoing prudent approach to expenditure will be sensible for the next half of the year. 

Photo Credit: Paul McCredie