Learning Celebration and Amesbury Awesomeness

By: Chris Waugh | Posted Tuesday September 19, 2017

The Learning Celebration will commence at 1:45pm with a welcome in the hall. 

Then at 1:55pm parents can proceed through to the learning expo in the hubs. This term's theme is "living thoughtfully", and the students have been busy producing work they think will benefit the school or the wider community.

From 2:25pm to 2:45pm the students will show off the talents they are developing in their music and drama classes. There will be violin, poetry, guitar, drum and keyboard performances, details of which can be found here.

At 2:45pm the Amesbury Awesomeness Awards will be presented. Each hub will present their award to a student who has shown them some particular awesomeness over this term.

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