School production update

By: Urs Cunningham | Posted Sunday June 25, 2017

Last Friday we did our first run through of the production and it is looking really quite special. We have one more week of practicing and pulling it all together before our performances for friends and family.

All students do need to attend all of the performances, but if you have a commitment that means they cannot attend one/any of the performances please let your child/ren's whanau teacher/s know as soon as possible.


Tuesday 4th July

  • Matinee performance- 1.45- 3.00 pm (seated by 1.30 pm)

  • Evening performance- 5.45- 7.00 pm (seated by 5.30 pm)

Wednesday 5th July

  • Evening performance- 5.45- 7.00 pm (seated by 5.30 pm)

Tickets are selling quickly so if you haven’t booked your tickets yet then click on the link and complete the relevant Google form: Production Tickets

For the evening performances we are asking children to be dropped off at their hubs at 5.00 pm in their school uniform. After the performance, pick up will be back in their hubs. We do ask that all students, even senior students, are picked up by an adult after the shows; we will not let students walk home by themselves after dark.

If you are going to one of the evening shows, please head to the hall after dropping your child/ren off. For parents with children in Kelly Club we can collect them from After School Care at 5 pm and bring them back to the hubs (they will need some extra food in their lunch box to keep them going).

We do appreciate that the late evenings may make some students very tired. If you find your child/ren need to sleep a little late in the morning, especially towards the end of the week, please do feel free to bring them to school a bit later. If this happens, just phone and let the school office know.

We look forward to sharing the students’ hard work and performances with you. 

If you have any questions about any of this information, please contact any of our production team:,,

Warm regards, 

The Amesbury team

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