Wellington North Community meeting
on special needs funding in schools

By Amesbury School | Posted: Thursday June 22, 2017

Thursday 29 June @ 3.45pm.  Parents, community groups, schools & ECE: support staff, teachers, and principals, all welcome...

Please RSVP by Tuesday 27 June to: [email protected]

The meeting is being held on Thursday 29 June at  the Newlands Community Centre hall, 9 Batchelor Street, at 4pm (3.45pm - afternoon tea)

MC Angela Lowe

Guest speaker: Kirsti Whalen, Outreach Coordinator, Autism NZ

Kirsti has been a support worker with families and individuals for 8 years so has seen, over and over, the challenges that families face and the gaps where we let people down, as well as the successes and the wonderful things that can be done to help.

Also hear about the impact of special needs funding for 3 local families - come along to support our parent speakers at this community meeting! 

Then local MPs and Candidates will reply - Peter Dunne, Greg O’Connor, Tane Woodley & a National MP TBC. Time for your questions from the floor!

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