Harakeke Art/Expert Walk

By Lisa Bengtsson | Posted: Tuesday June 6, 2017

On Monday 12th June, Harakeke Hub will be out in the city on their art walk, as well as visiting an expert at either Hinatore/Te Papa or Capital E! to support their piece in the production.

Dear Parents,

As part of our inquiry ‘Growth, Change and the Unknown’ we are exploring how the arts can communicate a narrative. To aid this we are planning to take Harakeke students into Wellington to go on an Art Walk and to visit art experts at Hinatore (Te Papa) and Capital E on Monday 12th June (Week 7). We are really excited about the opportunities provided by this trip for students to broaden their understanding of the arts and to get expert advice to help them with their art project.

On the day, the hub will be split in two - those going to Capital E and those going to Hinatore. These groups will be split in half again with the first group visiting their expert 9.30-11.30 and the second group at 12.30-2.30. The art walk will happen when students are not with their expert.

In their inquiry groups, students will be organising the art walk themselves by choosing what exhibitions they are interested in seeing and planning how they are going to get from one gallery to the next. They will be in small groups of around 4 students.

To enable this trip we would ideally like to send each group of 4 students with an adult helper to make their own way through the exhibitions and keeping safe walking around the city. This obviously requires as many parent helpers as possible so we are able to keep group numbers low and groups can take their chosen route to make the most of this awesome opportunity. It certainly promises to be an exciting, interesting day. Come along and join in the fun!

You would need to be available for the whole school day and look after the students in your group. This trip would not be suitable for bringing younger brothers or sisters.

We would be meeting at school at 8:45am for a briefing of the day then leaving by bus at 8:55am. There would be room for you to stand up on the bus or you can drive in and meet us at the designated area. We would then depart in our groups at 2:30pm to get the bus back to school.

If you are able to assist with this trip please fill in the following DOC

To cover the cost of the buses for this trip there will be a cost of $13 which will be added to your school account.

Warm regards,

Harakeke Hub Teachers