Wanted - School Library Volunteers!

By Library Amesbury | Posted: Friday May 19, 2017

Recently the teachers went on an amazing trip to the Children's Bookshop in Kilbirnie and selected lots of new books for the Hubs and Library.

It's very exciting and we are very keen to get them out there in everyone's hands.  But they need covering first so they will last much, much longer.

It would be great to have a group of parent volunteers who are happy to be contacted for special projects such as book covering, the occasional library decorating, lunch time read alouds and book sale help.

I am writing to ask if there is anyone who would be happy to be on an email list to be contacted? If yes, please send an email to Rachel at [email protected] with your contact details and which area you could help out in and I will be in touch.

It would be great to get a group of book coverers for next week (instruction and tea and coffee provided!)

Thanks so much, 

Rachel L.

 School Library

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