Amesbury Awesomeness Award Recipients for Term 1, 2017

By Amesbury School | Posted: Thursday April 13, 2017

Well done Emily, Kellan and Liam!

 Kellan, you always get involved in everything that is going on at Amesbury. You are a complete insider in your learning, you are self motivated, self- managing and most of all, go about your tasks with a positive attitude. It is clear that your are your own person, you are not swayed by the decisions of others and have an enchanting personality that you happily share. Your constant collected, happy demeanour has a calming influence on Harakeke Hub (which we know is needed!)

Emily, is such a kind, caring member of Koru Hub - we are lucky to have her! She gets on with work without a fuss, and always strives to produce her best work. She also always has a growth mindset in her learning; facing any challenge with a can-do-attitude. In Koru Hub she is a positive role model for everyone and the Koru teachers are really enjoying watching her becoming a leader.

Liam, you have been a fantastic leader in Te Rito Hub! You care about your peers and you are always kind and inclusive. You are an independent, self-motivated learner who constantly puts 100% into whatever you do. You know where you are going with your learning and you seek out challenges. You are always happy, cheerful and keen to share your ideas in the Hub. Ka pai Liam! 

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