Signing in protocol at Amesbury School

By Urs Cunningham | Posted: Thursday March 2, 2017

If you are visiting school, even for a few minutes, outside of the school drop off and pick up times (8:30 - 9am and 2:45-3pm) we ask that you follow three simple steps to help us keep our students safe. 

As we grow, we are finding that we have an increasing number of people around the school grounds. We need to ensure that during the school day we can quickly differentiate between people who should be on-site because they have a specific and appropriate reason for being there, and those who should not be on-site during school hours. 

As such, we would like people to ensure that they sign in at the school office if they are coming into school, even if you are only popping in for a few minutes. You can then get a visitor lanyard from the office and this will let us all know that you are a registered visitor on site. Anyone who is not visiting for an appropriate reason  will be asked to leave school grounds and come back after 3:30pm. We have a fabulous electronic sign in tablet that makes the signing in and out process quick and easy. 

If you do not have a visitor lanyard on when you visit school during the day please do not be offended when staff approach you  and ask for the reason why you are on site. We certainly do not mean to be unwelcoming, and if you have a specific reason for being on-site we will be happy to have you there if you have signed in and have a lanyard on. We are simply ensuring that we keep all students safe by checking that everyone on site should be there. 

So, just to recap: 3 simple steps to being on site and supporting the safety of our students: sign in; wear a visitor lanyard; sign out as you leave. If you have caregivers or whanau who also tend to pop down to school, please also let them know about this. 

Thanks for your support with keeping our students safe. 

Warm regards, 

The Amesbury team