Do you have skills or a special interest hobby to share with our students?

By Amesbury School | Posted: Thursday February 16, 2017

We are keen to have parents, family, caregivers or members of the community run small groups on a range of activities for our electives this term...

Want to run an elective this term?

Electives are a chance for our students to have the choice of giving something new a go or spending some time on something they already love.

In the past we have had parents and members of the community running small group electives on things such as cake decorating, gardening and art electives. We love electives based around a wide range of fun and interesting activities.

Electives are starting on Friday the 10th of March and run every Friday for 5 weeks until Friday the 7th of April. They start at 11.30 after morning tea and run until lunch at 12.50. 

If you would like to run an elective it is really important you can commit to all of those dates. We always keep the groups small for parents and non-teaching adults, so don’t let the idea of having a class of 30 put you off!

If this sounds like you and you want to share something you are passionate about then send Mike an email by Sunday evening.

[email protected]