Congratulations to Emile! 2016 Citizenship Award Recipient.

By Amesbury School | Posted: Saturday November 26, 2016

Emile was chosen for this years Wellington North Primary Schools Citizenship award because he is a great role model to all students...

The second annual Wellington North Primary Schools’ Citizenship Awards ceremony took place at the Churton Park Community Centre on Monday 21st November.

Eight Year 6 students from primary schools in Johnsonville, Churton Park, Newlands & Paparangi (one child from each school), plus two Year 8 students from Newlands Intermediate were presented with awards by the Mayor of Wellington for displaying “true leadership, citizenship, contribution to school life, etc”.

Emile was chosen for this year’s Wellington North Primary Schools’ Citizenship award because he is a great role model to all students. Throughout his time at Amesbury School, he has continually shown our Amesbury High Five values.

  • Excellence - Emile shows excellence in learning, during sporting events and completing leadership roles.
  • Connecting and Including - Emile is noticed working with a wide range of people during learning times, ensuring all students feel included in the activities he is doing.
  • Authenticity - Through conversations about his learning map and his learning, we know that Emile is a true insider. He can speak very confidently about how he learns best and about how his learning can move forward.
  • Creating and Inquiring - Emile readily contributes his ideas in learning discussions, as well as listening to others’ contributions. He then use these ideas, along with feedback, to improve his thinking.
  • Sustainability - Emile's personal inquiries this year have shown that he cares about the world around him and that he wants to be part of the solution to creating a better world.

We think Emile is a very worth recipient of this award and we wish him all the best for his future, as he takes on new challenges and encounters new people.

You can find more information about the award HERE or the original article on page 13 in the Independent Herald HERE

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