Final information for the Year 3/4 camp

By Urs Cunningham | Posted: Tuesday November 22, 2016

As the school year draws rapidly to a close, this is the final information article about the Year 3/4 camp. A gear list and contact information is included in the article, along with an updated itinerary.

The Year 3/4 transition programme and camp will be run throughout Week 9 (Mon 5th Dec - Fri 9th Dec).  On Monday the Year 3 students will begin the day in Koru Hub as usual, but will then be farewelled by the Year 1 and 2 students and move across to Harakeke Hub, where they will then be based for the remainder of the school year. They will  begin with a three day transition programme with the year 4 students and Hazel, Mike and Urs.  They will participate in a range of activities including sports, baking (making morning and afternoon tea snacks for camp) and art activities, along with establishing expectations and routines for Harakeke Hub in 2017. 

The two day overnight camp will run on Thursday and Friday (8th and 9th Dec). There have been some changes to the timetable on Thursday, as we were originally booked in for a 2 hour session at the Dialled In trampoline park in Ngauranga Gorge on Thursday of camp. Unfortunately, this park has now  had to temporarily close unexpectedly, and so we have had to make alternative arrangements. 

During the two day trips Chris Waugh (Harakeke Hub) will also come along with Mike, Hazel, Urs and a group of parents. 

Overview of the days:

Thursday 8th Dec                                                                                                         9- 11:30 At school: Hub games and prep activities 

11:30 - 1:30 Island Bay Park and Beach (no swimming in the sea). Exploring rock pools, sandcastle art, games on the beach. Moving to the park (across the road) for a picnic lunch and play. 

2 - 4pm Jumperama in Newtown: 1 hour on the trampolines, 1 hour ten pin bowling (rotation in two groups). 

4:45pm (approx) Arrive back at school. **Please note the late arrival back at school for any students who are not on the overnight camp.  Students participating in day activities only (not the overnight stay) head home. Students staying for the night have afternoon tea and then pitch tents. 

5:45 - 6:45pm Cooking own dinner in small groups - disposable barbecues. 

6:45 - 8pm Evening programme on site (games and group activities). 

8pm Bedtime story, get ready for bed. 8:30pm lights out. 

Friday 9th December

7:30am Breakfast, packing up. 

8:30am Packing tents, stowing gear. Make own cut lunch. 

9:30am Bus to ASB Sports Centre: 2 hour rotation (Ultimate Frisbee, inflatables, futsal, morning tea). 

12 - 1pm Walk to Kilbirnie Park. Lunch, play

1 - 2pm Kilbirnie Aquatic Centre - Spray pool 

Bus back to school, arriving approx 2:45pm.  Pick up from school at 3pm as usual. 

3:05pm Sleep lots!

Camping Information

We have enough tents to provide all students staying overnight with space in a tent. We will let students know of tent groups during the transition programme. 

During the transition programme at school (Mon-Wed) uniform will be worn as normal. On the two day camp (Thursday and Friday) uniform is not required - all students can wear their own clothes. 

Gear List (for students staying overnight)

1 x sleeping bag and pillow

1 x sleeping mat or roll

Pyjamas / nightwear

1 x jacket or waterproof

Sensible shoes or sneakers

Book  and torch

Teddy or comfort item (optional but recommended)

Change of clothes for the second day, including underwear and socks

Warm jersey or hoodie

Cap or sunhat

Togs and towel

Day bag (separate from larger gear bag) for day trips

Drink bottle

Sunscreen (school sunscreen will also be available) 

*Morning tea and lunch for Thursday (afternoon tea, supper, breakfast, morning tea and lunch for Friday will be provided)

Gear list for students participating in day trips but not staying overnight:

Thursday: school bag: lunch box, snacks, drink bottle, warm hoodie or jersey, sunhat, sunscreen, sensible shoes or sturdy sandals (for beach)

Friday: school bag: lunch, snacks, drink bottle, togs, towel, sun hat, sunscreen, sensible shoes/sneakers (for sports)

Contact information

The main contact person for this camp will be Urs. Mike will be the next point of contact. Unless it is an emergency, the best form of contact with us is texting, as this means we can pick the message up at an appropriate time during camp.

Urs' mobile = 021 480 526. 

Mike's mobile = 021 233 7671

If you have any questions about the camp, please contact Urs: [email protected]

Warm regards, 

Urs, Mike, Hazel and Chris