Bike Track Update

By Rachel Watson | Posted: Wednesday November 9, 2016

Storage container on site but there will be delays to track completion due to rain...

Now that excavation is mostly completed, the next stage is to distribute and compact a huge quantity of material around the tracks.  This requires a lot of driving back and forth of heavy machinery on the site, and due to the amount of rain over the last month or so, the grounds are proving not to be able to withstand this activity.

Reluctantly, a decision has been made to delay work until the school holidays.  This will ensure that work can be carried out more efficiently on a (hopefully) drier terrain without further damage to the field, path and around the tracks.   

In case you were wondering - the storage container that was delivered this week is not staying where it currently is, it will be moved into position along the fence-line when the rest of the track work is being done. 

The delay to work also means that the date for the official opening will be moved to next year - possibly as part of the first school community evening - date to be confirmed. 

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