Homestay Host Families Needed for Mandarin Language Assistant 2017

By Angela Johnston | Posted: Sunday November 6, 2016

In 2017 we are privileged to be having a Mandarin Language Assistant (MLA) in our school for a year. We are seeking expressions of interest from school families, who wish to be a homestay host family.

'Expression of Interest'  form 

MLA Details:

  • A new and different MLA each year

  • They are current university students in China, or recently graduated

  • They are volunteering for a year to work in our schools to assist in teaching and learning

  • They will be working in Amesbury School (Churton Park), St Francis Xavier School (Tawa) and Onslow College cluster schools (Johnsonville)

  • They arrive in early February and depart in mid December.

  • MLAs stay with one host family for one or two school terms

  • They speak fluent English

  • There is a rigorous process for selection - we receive only the best

  • There are a number of MLAs coming to Wellington in 2017 and throughout the North Island

  • The MLA programme is funded and run by the Confucius Institute

  • MLAs and homestay families have support from the Confucius Institute and the hosting schools

  • They have training in Beijing before they arrive and another week training in their first week in NZ. They cover teaching and learning practises as well as an introduction to NZ culture. They will have NZ bank accounts and cell phones set up at this time

Home Stay Requirements:

  • A welcoming, caring and safe home with a family who value the gains you will get from another culture

  • Willingness to share your culture and lifestyle with them

  • Ability to commit for a term

  • Can provide them with their own bedroom

  • Embrace them as part of your family during their stay


For the host family:

  • Cultural richness added to their homes with people taking turns cooking, experiencing different dishes and sharing of cultural traditions.

  • Sharing and strengthening your own culture, celebrating your family traditions together

  • Many host families and MLAs remain close friends/family after the homestay and children in the home make connections for life.

  • A future contact in China

  • Generous weekly homestay payment made to families (bulk payment at the end of the homestay)

For the MLA:

  • MLAs love being part of a family in NZ and immerse themselves in NZ culture during their stay.

  • Make many new friends and close relationships

  • Improve their English

  • Work experience by assisting in Asia Awareness programmes and Mandarin in schools.

  • Many travel with their host families around NZ, many do their own NZ travelling in the holidays.

  • Enjoy the connections and friendships with other local MLAs.

If you are interested in being a host family, please complete this 'Expression of Interest' form. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected],nz or arrange a time to come and talk over details. After our selection process we will contact you again soon to let you know the outcome and to confirm the finer details.


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