Day 2 - What a cracker!

By Angela Johnston | Posted: Wednesday August 31, 2016

A full day of skiing under another stunning sky and watchful eye of Mt Ruapehu. What intrepid and tenacious kids we have!

Our experienced skiers got underway with their warm up lesson at 8:30am and our beginners started with an indoor lesson as the others dispersed.  And we were off!

See our adventures in the photos below.

All children have had fun and success on their skiis.  Some fumbles and bruises, but happy to report, no injuries.  Some of our experienced skiers have tackled small jumps and are becoming skilled with turns and speed. 

Our quiz night this evening resulted with Team #Diamonds taking out a narrow win.  All children are now fast asleep and most of our adults are too.  

Night all :-)

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