Amesbury School Northern Zone Swim Team

By Kate and Freeman | Posted: Thursday August 18, 2016

Student editorial by Freeman and Kate. We are very proud of the swimmers ...

We are very proud of the swimmers that took place in the Northern zone swim team. In year 4 girls we had Gracie H and Caitlin V. In the year 4 boys we had Garv A. In the year 5 girls we had Lulu V, Mischa H, Kate Y and Hannah S. In year 5 boys we had Oliver D, Harry L, William VR and Freeman Y. In the year 6 girls was Oneli, and taking place in year 6 boys was Ryan Z and Emile Q. All of these athletes have showed great determination and skills.

We had an outstanding result from Gracie in Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle. In backstroke she came 1st, taking place in the breaststroke finals and 4th in freestyle.

In the year 5s we got quite a lot of great results. In the year 5 girls we had Kate come 3rd in backstroke and she got in finals for 25m freestyle. Mischa got 4th in butterfly and made the finals for breaststroke. Lulu got into 25m and 50m freestyle finals. Year 5 girls relay team did well because we came 1st in our heat. 

In the year 5 boys we had a lot of individual results. We had Oliver that had a great effort in the butterfly and freestyle. Oliver came 4th in the butterfly and in the breaststroke he almost got into the finals. Then we had Freeman, who had a great 25m freestyle competition in his heat he came first, then got into the finals and got a first in the finals. In the year 5 boys relay team we came first by a bit.

Over all the amesbury swimmers had a good time in the Northern zone swimming. All of the kids had great results in the end of the northern zone swimming.

Written by, Freeman Yu and Kate Yu

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