Science Inquiry, Water and the World Around Us!

By Amesbury Office | Posted: Wednesday August 17, 2016

Everyone at Amesbury School has been learning about Living Scientifically...

Curiosity has been contagious here at Amesbury! The children have been asking questions about the world, forming hypothesis, testing the hypothesis, gathering data, forming statements and increasing their understanding of the world they live in. 

With a particular focus on water as a solid, a liquid and a gas and how this applies to the water cycle.  

Quotes from Te Rito hub

"A scientist is someone who discovers things and looks after animals.

Scientists climb up mountains to check the rain and they make potions. Scientists look after stuff to discover things. Scientists look and listen and smell closely and hear. They look after the world. They measure to discover things and they smell. They look after the zoo. 

They look after lots of people and that makes me happy."

By Hannah

"A scientist is someone who looks after animals and makes potions.

A scientist is someone who hears things and tastes things and a scientist looks after animals. A scientist is someone who looks closely and smells things. A scientist looks at animals. A scientist is someone who helps people and a scientist measures things and a scientist looks at animals. Scientists are good because they are helpful."

By Brayden

"There are scientists. They are good. They are helpful. What do scientists do? They do good stuff like measure temperature and touch things. They are awesome because they help the world."

By Benji

"A scientist is a person that studies.

Scientists look at some things and they smell and they look at toys. They write letters. They look at water so they can see if it is blue.

Scientists are helpful."

By Ethan M

"A scientist is someone who feels stuff.

A scientist predicts things. Scientists explore in the forest so the animals are all safe. Scientists question things. Scientists taste. Scientists make potions. Scientists smell and discover. Scientists explore and climb mountains and fix people in a hospital.

Scientists are helpful because they are helpful people."

By Mia

"A scientist is someone who discovers things and looks after things.

Some scientists explore volcanoes so scientists can know everything. Scientists look inside lava but the lava might melt their suit. They look closely at things so they know everything so they can tell other scientists things. Scientists make potions to put in an experiment for them to put in a bottle.

Scientists are brainy because they think hard and they make me happy."

By Adhrit

"A scientist is someone who makes stuff.

Scientists make potions. Scientists look at plants. They look at animals. They look at bodies so they can fix people.

Scientists are helpful."

By Bowie

"A scientist is someone who discovers things and someone who looks at things closely.

Scientists talk to other scientists so other scientists know . Scientists discover things so much and they tell other people what things are and someone who know what things do. Scientists question people. Scientists look after plants so they can grow. Scientists look closely. Scientists touch things. Scientists observe things by touching things and smelling things and tasting things too. Scientists solve problems. Scientists predict things. Scientists are good because they help people."

By Lucas S