Music & Drama Tutors

By Beckie Duffy | Posted: Monday June 20, 2016

Meet the talented bunch of tutors teaching music and drama at Amesbury!

Phil Hope: Guitar, Electric Guitar and Ukulele

Phil has years of experience as a musician and songwriter and he aims to teach new students to have fun playing music. Phil also offers individual lessons in electric guitar. Find more information on Phil here

Mat Enright: Singing, Recorder, Keyboards, Drums, Wind and Brass

Mat Enright has been a professional musician in Wellington for the past 5 years, and has been a lifelong learner of different instruments, from learning trumpet at age 8 to teaching himself guitar at age 26. Mat aims to make learning music and instruments an enjoyable experience, and encourages his students to pick tunes they like and want to learn. Mat is an established Trumpeter, Guitarist, and Singer, and offers lessons in many different instruments.

Maneesha Fonseka: Speech & Drama

Maneesha has been a student of Drama & Speech since she was four years old.  After successfully completing her teaching  diploma with Trinity College, London Maneesha pursued her passion of being an educator of Speech & Drama. Maneesha is an eager drama enthusiast who is keen to impart her learning and knowledge to young artists and bring out the talents in them. Find out more about Maneesha here.

Alex Vaatstra: Violin MusB, LMus, DipGradTCHG

Alex started learning the violin at age 6. He studied performance violin at Otago University and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in violin performance and pedagogy. Alex established a successful career in Dunedin as a violin teacher and performer. In 2015, Alex moved to Wellington and studied primary teaching at Victoria University. Find out more about Alex here.

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