Walk, Wheel and Win

By Lesley Murrihy | Posted: Saturday March 19, 2016

Join in celebrating active transport and all the wonderful things children can experience on their way to school when they walk or wheel.

As part of the Greater Wellington Regional Council's Movin'March, we will be encouraging our children to walk or wheel to school. For the young ones, or students who live quite a distance from school, this might mean dropping them off a short distance from the school so they walk or wheel part of the way.

On Monday, your child will be given a WOW (walk or wheel) passport. The aim is to fill up the passport by walking or wheeling to or from school 12 times. This means a child can complete the challenge in just six school days. Each time your child WOWs to or from school, he/she will receive a stamp from the whanau teacher on the passport. Once the passport is full, each student will receive a small prize and their finished passport will be sent to council to go into the draw for a prize. The school which has the highest proportion of students involved will receive a school prize. We are aiming for that school to be Amesbury School.

This is an activity promoted by the walking bus. Don't forget you can use the walking bus to help you.

Movin'March is for parents too!

Get involved by sharing photos of your active journey to school on Facebook. Photos could be "selfies" of yourself with your child on the way to school, or of something interesting you see on your journey.

Photos can either be posted to your own Facebook timeline, or to the Movin'March page - just make sure you tag Movin'March and use #movinmarch to get your entry in.

All entered photos will put you in the draw to win a family pass to your favourite Wellington Wild Thing location.

It's Movin'March. Let's get involved!