Student reports go out today. 

By Urs Cunningham | Posted: Monday December 14, 2015

The end of the 2015 school year is drawing nigh! Our end of year student reports go live on ALF (our Amesbury Learning Framework) today. 

Here is the link to ALF. The link to ALF is also available on our Tizmos page. Your child/ren can sign in to ALF using their school gmail account; they will know their login and password details.  If you have any difficulties accessing ALF, please do not hesitate to contact your child's whanau teacher.

We have a brief tutorial on how to access your child's report on ALF; here is the link to the video. Students in Harakeke Hub will have viewed their report at school today. They will talk you through the report and the different information contained within it. The most recent report for each student will be at the top of the list of reports. Our ALF reports are now downloadable: In the Report section of ALF you will see all of your child's reports listed. On the right hand side there is a download button (downward facing arrow) - if you click on this, a PDF version of your child's report will be downloaded to your device. 

To help you make sense of the information within the report, here are some details of what is contained with the report:

1) What is in the report? The report contains national standards information for reading, writing and maths, and also the most recent assessment information for your child in these three learning areas. Additionally, it contains links to the reading and maths matrices for your child. The writing matrix is housed within ALF. Your child will be able to show you how to access this, if you do not already know how to do so. At the bottom of the report is the end of year comment for your child, written by the hub teachers.

2) What kind of report will my child receive?

~For students in Year 4 and above, they all receive an End of Year report for their current year level. All Year 4 and above students are assessed against the end of the school year standards for their current year level, regardless of their chronological age.

~If your child turned 6, 7 or 8 later in Term 3 or in Term 4, or will turn 6, 7 or 8 over the holidays or at the start of next year, they will receive an End of Year report, assessing them as at the end of their first, second or third year at school.

~Most other children will receive a Mid Year report for part way through their 1st, 2nd or 3rd year at school.

~If your child turned 8 in July, they will have already received their 'After 3 Years at School' report and therefore they will receive a Mid Year 4 report. They will receive a second Mid Year 4 report in July next year, and will receive an End of Year 4 report at the end of next year. 

~ Please note: if your child turned 8 in the latter half of Term 1 or throughout Term 2, they will have had an After Three Years at School report in July. However, we are now required to assess them against the Year 4 standard and therefore they will receive an End of Year 4 report, effectively missing out the Mid Year 4 report.

For New Entrant children who have started school this term, they will receive a New Entrant report; this will be emailed to you today - it will not be a standard report on ALF. For students in Harakeke Hub who started with us this term, they will also receive an interim report that will be emailed to you today, not a school report on ALF. 

We appreciate that this can be quite confusing! If you are unsure about the report your child should be receiving, or you would like further clarity around this reporting system, please contact Urs or Angela (depending on what hub your child is in) or your child's whanau teacher and they will talk it through with you.

3) What do the assessment levels mean?

~ National curriculum levels: All students will receive a national curriculum level for their writing. National expectations for these levels are:

B = beginning the level P = proficient at the level A = advanced at this level

Level 1 = years 1 and 2 (yr 1 = beginning level 1, yr 2 = proficient or advanced)

Level 2 = years 3 and 4 (yr 3 = beginning level 2, yr 4 = proficient or advanced)

Level 3 = years 5 and 6 (yr 5 = beginning level 3, yr 6 = proficient or advanced)

Level 4 = years 7 and 8 (yr 7 = beginning level 4, yr 8 = proficient or advanced)

Level 5 = years 9 and 10 (yr 9 = beginning level 5, yr 10 = proficient or advanced)

~Maths stages: For maths your child has been given an 'achieved' stage based on their number knowledge and number strategy work.

National expectations for maths stages are:

Year 1 = Stages 2/3

Year 2 =  Stage 4

Year 3 = Early Stage 5

Year 4 =  Stage 5

Year 5 = Early Stage 6

Year 6 = Stage 6

Year 7 = Early Stage 7

Year 8 = Stage 7

If there is any information or aspect your child's report that you do not understand or would like further clarification about, please contact your child's whanau teacher.

Warm regards, 

The Amesbury Team