Super Learners

By admin Amesbury School | Posted: Friday December 11, 2015

The 2016 Koru Year 2 and 3 superheros strike a pose at their new entrance into Karaka...

The last two days, the new 2016 Koru have been spending time together! We have been looking at what type of super learners we are and want to become next year. We looked at our superhero abilities as we wrote letters, created amazing art and created maps of our new learning space in Karaka and Kakariki.

We will be using the blue matting area into Karaka as our entrance and exit into Koru (Year 2 and 3 students for 2016) next year to avoid 70 plus students walking through Te Rito's learning space. 

We hope the 'superheros' have a great summer break and we look forward to seeing all the new Koru Year 2 and Year 3 students back for a year of SUPER LEARNING! 

Kind regards

Andrea (Super Smurf), Anna (GoAnna!) and Mike (Hulk)