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By admin Amesbury School | Posted: Tuesday December 8, 2015

Year 2-5 students have been creating their own countries - which one will be the Top Choice Destination?

This week the learning we have done around Living Globally has come together as Harakeke Hub has been buzzing with children creating their own country!

The children have been working in groups from year 2-5 to come up with laws, a flag, money, rubbish system and festivals. They had to name their country and find a place for it in the world.

There has been loads of creativity, persuasive language and inventive thinking going on. The children have also had to come up with a one minute presentation to convince their peers to visit their country. They will be presenting these and then voting on their top choice destination.  Which one will it be?

  • Paradise Bay
  • Dizzy Bat Land
  • LuluLand
  • Puckmun
  • HailLand
  • Emburn
  • Trampino Land
  • Los Nedia
  • Ice-block Island
  • Spark Island
  • Iuo Island
  • Karko Island
  • St Ridgits
  • Eco Land
  • Hummaina
  • Atlantis State
  • Calornita
  • West Amazon
  • Higi Land
  • Enese
  • Simba
  • Joceeland

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