Hannah Dunbar wins inaugural Leadership Award for 2016

By Lesley Murrihy | Posted: Thursday November 26, 2015

Hannah Dunbar received her award from Mayor Celia Wade Brown last night at the Newlands Community Centre along with the winners from each school in the Northern Suburbs.

It was a wonderful evening which left me thinking that our world is in safe hands. If children this young (years 6 - 8) can be such capable human beings then we have nothing to worry about. I am sure they will be able to work out the solutions to the "wicked" problems, such as climate change, that the world is facing. Ten students (one from each school) received a trophy, a certificate and a book voucher. Each school received a shield with the winning student's name on it. This will be added to in the future with the name of each year's winner.

Hannah was chosen as the winner after a rigorous process which included assessment on particular criteria by teachers and a written submission by Hannah herself.  We are very proud of Hannah and of all that she has achieved and contributed while at Amesbury School. We wish her all the best as she moves onto year 7-8. Below is the statement that Urs read out at the award ceremony to explain why Hannah deserved the award. However, before you read that, I would like to  take this opportunity to say a huge thanks to WCC Councillor Malcolm Sparrow who organised this event supported by Deputy Mayor Justin Lester and the Churton Park Community Association. Thank you all for your efforts and your commitment to our young people.

I would also like to acknowledge the other year 6 Amesbury School students who put their names forward for consideration for this award. You are all amazing young people and we are very proud of all of you. 


You have been awarded the 2015 Year 6 Leadership Award for the consistently outstanding leadership you have shown throughout your time at Amesbury School, and most notably within the past year. All students have benefited from your role modelling, both within your learning and your behaviour. You willingly volunteer for many roles across the school, from road patrol and peer mediator to milk monitor and buddy reading. You are quick to show initiative and do what needs to be done, including cheerfully completing the less palatable jobs that others don't want to do. 

It has been fabulous watching you go beyond your leadership roles to provide opportunities for other students across the school, such as the “Amesbury’s Got Talent” shows you have organised and run with your back-up crew. You are a truly dedicated community member!

Hannah, the insiderness you show in your own learning is admirable. You know where you are up to in your learning and what you need to do to continue your progress. You consistently make choices that benefit your learning, using your time flexibly and thoroughly to ensure you meet deadlines and consistently complete work to the highest personal quality.

A very strong aspect of your personality is your ability to help people resolve problems in a calm and dignified manner. You use impressive interpersonal skills to help all people involved reach a compromise, with everyone feeling like they have been heard and taken seriously. These are truly impressive skills and will stand you in very good stead in your future.

Huge congratulations from Harakeke Hub and everyone at Amesbury School.

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