Haka for Neala and Matilda

By admin Amesbury School | Posted: Wednesday November 25, 2015

Congratulations to our Amesbury Awesomeness Award recipients for term 3...

Neala, you have impressed us all with your amazing attitude to school, learning and friendships. You are a hard working learner and you put loads of effort into everything you do. You are able to get on with tasks because you listen carefully to your teachers and then you ask well thought out and useful questions.

You are always in the right place at the right time and your learning behaviour is a beacon for others, allowing them to see where and how to be good learners themselves. You are genuine and authentic in your interactions with others and you are true to yourself. You speak kindly to everyone - adults and children and you speak your mind. This shows that you have a strong sense of yourself and that you are proud of who you are...and you should be!

It is a joy to teach you, Neala. Your calm, genuine, thoughtful personality along with your fuss-free attitude is a positive influence on everyone in the hub.

Matilda, term 3 was a very important term for you. It was a term where I felt your true bubbly creative character revealed itself at school.

You have become so confident in yourself and your ability, I see you always completing your work to a high standard with a huge smile on your face.

You love to be up in front of the class sharing and talking and you are a lovely friend to many children.

You are a pleasure to teach and a wonderful young lady.

Matilda, terme 3 était un terme très important pour toi. C'était un terme où j'ai senti ton vrai caractère créatif et pétillante a révélé lui-même à l'école.

Tu es devenu tellement sûre de toi et ton capacité. Tu fais ton travail à un niveau élevé avec un grand sourire sur ton visage.

Tu aimes être à l'avant de la classe et de parler et partager. Tu es une belle amie à de nombreux enfants.

C’est un plaisir de t'enseigner - tu es une merveilleuse jeune fille. 

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