High Five Awards for Week 6, Term 4 (16-20 November, 2015)

By Amesbury Office | Posted: Monday November 23, 2015

Congratulations to all students awarded a High Five Award in week 6.

Details on each award can be viewed on student certificates displayed on our High Five Wall in the parent area, near the office.  Students will be given their certificates to bring home at the end of term.

  • Creating & Enquiring - Xandre Pascual, Ryan Topp
  • Authenticity - Echelon Topp, Joshua Conway, Jacob Kennedy, Wendy Flamm, Jamie Talbot
  • Sustainability - Jade Jamieson, Max Smith, Wendy Flamm
  • Connecting & Including - Atharva Singh, Ethan Arnold, Vrusha Mistry, Mischa Holley, Phoebe Riddle, Nistha Dev
  • Excellence - Caitlyn Young, Summer Ferguson,  Xandre Pascual

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