Paddington welcomed back to Churton Park by a very excited crowd!

By admin Amesbury School | Posted: Thursday November 12, 2015

After adventuring around the world, Paddington returned to Amesbury School today to share stories of his travels (and some cake!)...

There were cheers from the crowd when Gail's car returned from the airport and drove into Amesbury School with a very special visitor. 

Paddington was very overwhelmed by all the fantastic welcoming signs the students had made, and was delighted by the special Paddington cake that Kirsty, Scott, Mischa and Sara had made for the occasion.

He enjoyed going back to the Koru hub to talk about his trip, show everyone some of the great things he had collected from different countries, and even found some time to do a bit of maths with George and Tomas.

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